With culinary experience across the U.S. and around the world, French cuisine chef, chocolatier and candy maker Shekoh Moossavi founded Shekoh, a luxury chocolate and candy company that's focused on incorporating exquisite flavor profiles and unique ingredients into its confections.

How It Started

20 years ago, Shekoh Moossavi started her culinary career. The spark that led to today was the brave career change she made to follow her true passion after working in the scientific field for a few years. Her first notable culinary experience was to achieve the title of Chef at The Ritz-Carlton for Fine Dining in Florida. Shekoh then took another big step in opening the restaurant Gervais in Saratoga, California, transitioning to Modern French cuisine.

At her next stepping stone, she took yet another leap in opening Pastry Smart, producer of fine chocolates, in San Mateo, CA. This experience led her to opening Shokolaat in Palo Alto, CA. Shokolaat was the first restaurant in Palo Alto that was both a restaurant and patisserie. The food was Modern French with a gourmet chocolate and pastry bar.

But all this was only the beginning. Shekoh moved to France in 2012 to research and study the art of chocolate making for two years. She trained at Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage, France. Continuing to follow her passion, she worked with master chocolatiers and candy makers in Paris.

After a whirlwind of notable achievements, she returned to her home in the United States in 2014 and served as a Culinary Instructor at Alain Lenotre Culinary School in Houston, Texas. In 2015, she founded Atelier Shekoh, making luxury confections.

By 2018, Shekoh Moossavi returned to her roots in the Bay Area and founded Shekoh Confections producing the refined chocolates and candies available to you today.

An Artisan of Fine Luxury Confections

Shekoh is passionately committed to utilizing only the best ingredients and tools with respect to tradition to deliver the highest quality hand crafted confections to its customers. Obtaining the best possible ingredients from local farms when possible and using the proper techniques is a key focus, as is Shekoh's strong belief in farm-to-table principles.